Water damage is the worst kind of damage for a property. Where on one hand it is quite difficult to handle the flood situation, on the other hand, it is even more difficult to deal with its aftermaths.

Flood water or water flowing out of some leakages can be disastrous when it hits your property. Dampen and damaged walls, damaged carpets, flooring, growth of germs, bacteria, and mold are some of the most prominent harmful effects of water damage.

Water damage restoration Delaware is a must; in case a property is damaged by water. Zenith homes a team of experts who are very experienced and trained in dealing with water damage.

Our Water Damage Restoration Service

Our process of water restoration starts the moment you call us. We reach the damaged property, and our experts snap into action right away! We have all the safety equipment and apparatus that we use to get inside the property and conduct an inspection.

Along with providing the best water damage restoration service, we also conduct professional mold removal.

We inspect the property and look for damage. If there is still water inside the property, we use our professional techniques and the right equipment to get it out. We carefully take out all the furniture items and other material from the building and make a list of the damaged items along the way.

Drying and dehumidification are the next steps of our services through which we make sure that the insides of the house or office are all dried up. After that, we cleanse the building to get rid of all the germs, bacteria, and mold that are triggered by the flooded water. With a step-by-step process of water damage restoration in Maryland, we reverse the damage caused by water and get rid of all the harmful elements present inside the building.

Mold Removal Services

Mold feeds on moisture, biological material, and air. When all these factors are present in a space, mold growth is inevitable and it grows within 48 hours.

Flood water, water pipe burst, or leakage can lead to mold growth and it can spread within 3 days – making your surroundings harmful and unhygienic. Mold leads to a number of health troubles ranging from skin infections to asthma. The mold removal specialists at Zenith has years of experience of dealing with mold. They have in-depth knowledge about the different types of mold and how it can be removed. A combination of knowledge, experience, and industry-leading tools and techniques, our mold removal services can save you from this harmful fungus.

We make sure that we leave the house squeaky-clean and hygienic before we go.

Get in touch with us, if you have suffered from water damage and your property is hit by it. We deliver the best services and make sure that we leave no stone unturned to make your house clean and restore the damage.