Disaster spares no one, be it a homeowner or a business owner. So, whether it’s a house or a commercial building – everything is at stake when disaster strikes. At Zenith, we understand the impacts a disaster can have on a building and the aftermaths of the same.

Over the years, we have delivered high-quality commercial disaster recovery services in Delaware to help business owners recover from the loss that is caused to their commercial property. Be it fire, water, smoke, floods, or storms, we help businesses recover physical losses caused through any natural or manmade disasters.


We clean, restore, and reconstruct your business place fast. This saves you from losses incurred when your property is damaged and the work is stopped. Our team provides a 24X7 emergency response and reaches the business property as soon as it can!

Our commercial disaster recovery services, expertise, and experience in the field of disaster recovery make us the first choice of business owners in case any disaster hits their workplace.

Our Commercial Disaster Recovery

Services Delaware and Maryland

The commercial disaster recovery services delivered by Zenith include the following tasks:


Commercial Water Damage Restoration


Drying and Dehumidification in Commercial Buildings


HVAC Decontamination


Commercial Fire,
Smoke, and
Soot Damage Restoration


Commercial Construction
or Reconstruction


Commercial Mold
Testing and Remediation


Document Drying
and Recovery


Commercial Storm
or Hurricane
Damage Restoration


Crime Scene Cleanup
or Trauma Cleanup


Corrosion Control
and Decontamination

Right from the time you give us a call, down to the time when we turn every nook of your building neat and clean, we deliver the best of our commercial disaster recovery services Maryland. We try and reach the commercial property within one hour after you contact us.

Our recovery process is seamless and leaves your commercial property fresh, new, hygienic, and recovered just like it is new. We also contact your insurance company and work in a collaboration with them to ensure a smooth process.

Our experts work tirelessly and continuously till they bring you back in business by bringing your business property back in shape.

Our Commercial Disaster Recovery Services Process

The best thing about Zenith’s commercial disaster recovery services Delaware is that we reach the scene fast. We start by assessing the property, making initial estimates, and getting in touch with your insurance company.

After a complete estimation, we bring in the right equipment, tools, and personnel into action to start with the recovery work. Every task included in our commercial disaster recovery services is performed with utmost care and professionalism to deliver the best results.


Along with delivering these services, we also provide disaster preparedness for our clients to avoid major losses by following a pre-planned strategy. No matter how big or small your loss is, we stick through it all and leave only after you are completely satisfied. The goal of our commercial disaster recovery services Maryland is to leave your commercial property just the way it was in its pre-disaster condition.

We provide services for clients including medical offices, hospitals, churches, schools, office buildings, libraries, government buildings, retail business properties, and more!

So, if you’ve suffered a loss through any manmade or natural disaster on your commercial property,
get in touch with Zenith.
We deliver the best commercial disaster recovery services in the region!