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Zenith is your trusted commercial and residential roofing contractor.

The home should be a place of sanctuary and comfort.

As a homeowner, you might face situations when there are things that need to be fixed or completely replaced. And, when it comes to getting quality work done on your home’s roof, seeking our residential roofing services is the right choice.

At Zenith, we make use of the sturdy and durable products to provide the highest-quality residential roofing services that aim to protect you, your family and your belongings.

We are a full-service commercial and residential roofing contractors in Maryland and Delaware.

Features of Quality Roofing Services

Top-notch quality
roofing products


dependability, longevity
and building strength


performance and reliability


construction methods


Timely completion
of every roofing project

Hire our experienced roofing contractors,
specializing in roof replacement and restoration to do the work you need.
Why Homeowners Should Opt
for Roof Replacement or Restoration?

Quality roofing to secure home and business

Prevent roof failure

Protect against interior damage

Enhance the value of your property

Extend the life of the roof

With Zenith residential and commercial roofing services in Maryland and Delaware, the functionality of the roof is extended with regular inspections- a roof that’s nearing the end of its useful life.

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable roofing experts who can easily identify the issues in your roof and correct them before they can lead to major failure and interior damage.

Zenith Residential Roofing Services Cover:
New roof installations
Roof replacement - Full or Partial
Custom roofing services
Repair roof damaged by hail or storm
Choose materials- Asphal, Metal, Slate, TPO
Zenith Commercial Roofing Services Cover:
New commercial roof construction
Flat roof repair
Commercial roof replacement
Built-up roof repair
Leak repairs

By making use of the excellent quality products and workmanship on all projects, Zenith company will deliver premium quality roofing services for your home and office.

Unlike other roofing companies, we don’t just focus on making profits. Our professional roofing contractors will advise you honestly, helping you make the best decision for your home or office. This is why we are called the best roofing company by thousands of consumers.

At Zenith, we offer excellent roof coating services as well. Roof coating can help enhance and protect your roof with specially formulated commercial roof coatings. Also, it helps reduce UV damage and improve water-resistant qualities.

Our work is not just limited to roof repair and replacement. We offer regular roof inspections and certifications. So, if you want to know the condition of your roof or, as a buyer to new property want to know the state of the roofing, Zenith is the best roofing contractors offering timely inspections and certifications. Also, we can conduct repair and replacement work, if needed and as desired by the homeowner.

To know more about our roofing services and what kind of products we use, speak to our residential
roofing contractors in Maryland and Delaware.
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