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Whether you are looking for a brand-new roof for your home or commercial property, or you’d like to repair your current roof in order to extend its the life span, Zenith is here to help! We guarantee top quality roofing services of all kinds.

Best Residential and Commercial Roofers

Zenith delivers top quality residential and commercial roofing installations, roofing repairs and other types of roofing services. We provide dependable roof repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our state of the art commercial and residential roofing systems are the best around.

Residential Roofing

Residential roof repairs & replacements

Damage caused by storms, fire & water

Leak repairs and flood damage

Protect against interior damage

Quality roofing to secure your home

Commercial Roofing

A strong roof will secure your business

Fix leaks caused by water entering roof

New commercial roof construction

Low Slope & Flat Roofing

Increase the value of your property

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Best Quality Materials


We use only the highest quality materials and top-notch state of the art equipment for every roofing job that we complete.

Seamless Installation


Our roofing installation services are quick, easy and seamless for our customers. We make sure that getting a new roof is not a hassle.

Highly Trained Experts


Our team of roofing experts at Zenith are very well-trained professionals specializing in roofing services for homes and commercial properties.  Our quality of knowledge and workmanship is unmatched.

Best Roofing Services in Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina

By making use of the excellent quality products and workmanship on all projects, Zenith company will deliver premium quality roofing services to your home or commercial space. 

Only the best quality roofing materials & products

We deliver dependability, longevity & strength

Best performance and reliability always guaranteed

Quality-assured roofing construction methods

Timely completion of every single roofing project

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Need A Roof repair or
A roof replacement?

We can complete either one in a day! Whether you need a brand new roof or you just need your roof repaired from any kind of roof damage such as that caused by heavy winds, storms, fires, tornadoes, etc. Zenith has got all of your roofing needs covered. We are proud to provide the best roofing services around!


Repair Damaged Areas

Partial Roof Replacements

Roof Puncture & Leak Repairs

Flashing Repairs & Replacements

Roof Ventilation Replacements


Brand New Roof Installations

Full Roof Replacements

Choose materials- Asphal, Metal, Slate, TPO

Completely Custom Roofing Services

Low Slope & Flat Roofing

Repair or Replace your Roof with Zenith!

The home and workspace should be a place of sanctuary and comfort.

As a home or business owner, you might face situations when there are things that need to be fixed or completely replaced. Among the most important of these is the roof.  When it comes to getting quality work done on your roof, seeking our residential and commercial roofing services is the right choice.

At Zenith, we make use of the sturdy and durable products to provide the highest-quality residential and commercial roofing services that aim to protect you.

We are full-service commercial and residential roofing contractors in Maryland, Delaware and North CarolinaOur professional roofing experts will advise you honestly, helping you make the best decision for your property. This is why we are roofing industry leaders and providers.

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Well working gutters are a crucial component in the water system of a house or building. Gutters direct storm runoff away from the sides and foundation, and therefore without properly working gutters, moisture can seep into the eaves of the overall structure, and severely damage the foundation of your house or building.

Leaking Gutter? Immediate Action is Needed.

Did you know that leaking gutters could cause major damage to your home or business? This is why it is important to ensure that your gutters and downspouts are always working properly. Zenith provides state of the art gutter systems and downspout services for your home or commercial business. The best time to replace your gutters is when you re-do your roof, and we are here to help with seamless gutter installations and the best roofing services in town!

gutter Installations

Our team of expert professionals will remove and replace your faulty or damaged gutters with a system guaranteed to work well for your property.

Replace Faulty or Damaged Gutters

Avoid costly expenses from gutter and downspout failure

Eliminate leaks, clogs, warping, and water damage

Supports the integrity of your roof

Gutter Guards

Guards will protect and cover your gutters to prevent debris from entering them. This will reduce your amount of gutter cleaning and maintenance needed.

Avoid and prevent leaks

Cover and protect your gutters from debris and trash entering

Protect your new or current gutters drom damage

Fix and guard your gutter system

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What people say About Zenith?

Zenith has received many professional certifications and certified partnerships that demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and complete dedication to always maintaining the highest level of skill and expertise for the services we provide.

Zenith has received many professional certifications and certified partnerships that demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and complete dedication to always maintaining the highest level of skill and expertise for the services we provide.

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No matter what or when you need to improve the condition of your home or commercial property, Zenith is here to help you!