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Steps To Take After Storm Damage

It’s always stressful to see that your property has been damaged from a storm or bad weather. What should you do when this happens? In this article we go through the series of steps you should take when your home is damaged from a bad storm. 

Step One: 

Assess the Damage, Take Photos

After the storm has passed and you feel it is safe to now go outside, immediately take pictures and videos of any and all damage. Always remember to be safe and cautious when doing this! Fallen power lines and high water can be deadly! Photos and videos can always be taken at a later and safer time. If you’re not sure whether or not it is safe, it’s best to wait until you are sure.


Step Two: 

Prevent Further Damage

For example, if water is getting into your home, take action! Try to make whatever temporary repairs you possibly can as long as it is safe for you to do so. For example, cover any broken windows with wood or even a tarp. Whatever temporary fixes you can think of to minimize the damage while help arrives, you should do them!


Step Three: 

Save Receipts, Stay Organized

Record keeping can make a huge difference in dealing with insurance companies. Stay organized and make sure to keep all of your receipts in order to make it easier on yourself later. Some things may even be reimbursed by your insurance company so it is imperative that you store all of your receipts.


Step Four: 

Call Your Insurance Company and Trusted Contractor

You should call your insurance agent or insurer right away! Also, keep in touch with them throughout the process as well.
You should also call a trustor contractor like Zenith to help guide you. Oftentimes insurance companies can be delayed in their response time especially when dealing directly with the homeowners. A good contractor will assign you to a specialized damage repair expert that will help you assess the entire scope of the damage in order to properly report it to the insurance company.

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