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Storm Damage

Storms can arrive any minute and can destroy your property quickly as they hit, which unfortunately can severely impact your safety. Unfortunately, no one can control the kind of storm damage that storms and other disasters can cause, but we can control how we mitigate and restore it. Zenith is always here to help!

Wind & Hail Storm Damage Repair Services In Marlyand

Storms are a natural phenomenon capable of wreaking havoc on your house or commercial property. Catastrophes commonly cause torrential rain, hailstorms, windstorms, snowstorms, ice storms, high-speed winds, tornadoes, flooding, etc. When disaster strikes, you’ll need effective storm damage repair services in Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina to help you maintain your residential or commercial property in a safe condition and restore it back to life.

The Storm Damage Restoration Process

We have set out a crystal-clear process to help your home or commercial space not only remain safe during a storm, but also restore the damage caused by a storm. Analysis of the following is an integral and necessary part of the process devised and used by us:

The structure of the building to be repaired

Construction methods of the building to be repaired

A quotation and estimated time needed to accomplish the task

Analysis of the loss/damage caused by the storm

The age of the building’s structure is taken into account

Full assessment of all areas of your damaged building

We make the Entire Restoration Process as simple as:


Our team of experts will arrive with the right tools and equipment to assess and mitigate the damage right away. Any immediate action needed will be taken. 


Zenith’s expert technicians will carry your restoration project to completion. We will take care of the necessary paperwork and billing directly with your insurance company.


You can request to monitor your project 24/7 and receive images, price estimates, job progress, completion time estimates, etc. right to your phone or any device. 

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Tree & Debris Removal

Our process of water restoration starts the moment you call us. We reach the damaged property, and our experts snap into action right away! We remove any trees, debris or anything else that needs to be removed in order to clear the area and ensure the safety of the premises.

We're there Quickly!

We know how irritating it can be to have to wait, and during a storm there is no time to waste! Tell us when you need us, and we’ll be there right away. Of course, we always come prepared for the job!

We Recycle!

Of course, we’ll always take recyclables for proper processing. Just show us what needs to be removed and we’ll remove it and make sure it is recycled and disposed of properly. 

We haul it all!

Just show us what needs to be removed, and our crew will remove all trees, debris and waste from the premises no matter how big or small. We will make sure the area is cleared and safe once again.

Some of the benefits of drying & dehumidifying with zenith

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Tarping &
Board Up

Tarping and boarding up will protect and shield you from the immediate dangers of intense weather. These services also allow you to protect the roof, sides, and overall structural integrity of the house or building. Contracting Zenith, the best roof tarping company in Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina, can help you reduce the cost of future repairs and restoration significantly while making sure you are safe.

You may need Roof tarping & Board Up Services if you are hit with a storm...

When a bad storm hits you must act quickly to keep everyone safe and help prevent further damage. Therefore it’s important to protect your home’s interior and exterior to minimize the damage caused by hail, heavy rains, extreme storms, fallen trees, thunderbolts, lightning, hurricanes, tornados, etc.

Extreme thunderstorms and lightning bolts

Damage caused by heavy rains, flooding, leakages, etc.

Protection from hailstorms, snow storms, etc.

Damage caused by tornadoes or extreme weather

Protection is needed from hurricanes and bad storms

tarp or board up your property now!

Storms can be totally unpredictable and it’s hard to be totally prepared before some weather disaster striking. Extreme storms can strike any second like a bolt from the blue, and go on to destroy anything that comes in their way! Unfortunately, the damage caused to your property could be enormous. Therefore, it is crucial for property owners to seek reliable roof tarping and boarding up services as soon as possible.

Disaster spares no one, be it a homeowner or a business owner. So, whether it’s a house or a commercial building – everything is at stake when disaster strikes. At Zenith, we understand the impacts a disaster can have on a building and the aftermaths can be catastrophic.

Over the years, we have delivered high-quality commercial disaster recovery services in Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina  to help home and business owners recover from the loss that is caused to their commercial property. Whether it is storm, tornado, hurricane, floods, hail or any other disaster, we help individuals and businesses prevent and recover losses caused through any natural or manmade disasters.

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What people say About Zenith?

Zenith has received many professional certifications and certified partnerships that demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and complete dedication to always maintaining the highest level of skill and expertise for the services we provide.

Zenith has received many professional certifications and certified partnerships that demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and complete dedication to always maintaining the highest level of skill and expertise for the services we provide.

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